24 Hours laundromat service

making laundry simple

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to washing different fabrics around the house. Using a normal domestic washing machine can actually damage fabrics such as duvets and delicate fabri. We have dedicated wash settings and machines for the items you want to wash but until now haven’t been able to!

what can you wash?

daily clothing/ clothes

Our washers and dryers have up to 20kg/14kg capacity per wash/dry. That’s more than double a typical domestic washing machine or tumble dryer - the perfect solution when you have a big laundry day and need it sorted fast


Our machines are ideal for thicker/tougher fabrics such as towels and blankets. We have three different machine sizes from 11kg up to 20kg to accommodate as much or as little washing as you need.


For larger items such as curtains, duvets and mattress protectors, we recommend using our larger washers to give them a thorough, deep clean. Our largest washer can accommodate the largest King Size duvet.